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The global rise of wellness mindsets and healthy lifestyles has changed the face of the fashion industry now. A new trend called Athleisure, which blends the casual relaxed sportswear with stylish ready-to-wear has emerged and greatly influenced every seasons of major fashion brands.

SoulActiv is a local brand from Indonesia, backed up by our mother company, PT WinnerSumbiri Knitting Factory which equipped with high technology to create high quality, practical and comfortable Athleisure for women without giving up on style.

SoulActiv Value

We BELIEVE that a good life starts from a good soul which embodies in a positive mind and healthy body.

UNDERSTANDING female’s body, we design clothing that are supported by advanced technology. We create the most suitable fabrics to empower women in achieving their highest potential.

We are RESPONSIBLE for the environment sustainability, not only in restoring the ecological balance and safeguarding human health throughout our production process but also in bringing value to the customer.